Tuesday, July 20, 2010

6 Degrees of Separation - NCAA Crusade Style

Since a new school has been added to the apparent crusade the NCAA is on against agents infiltrating college football, I figured why not try to link up all these schools thus far that have been targeted. So far according to my records, those schools are North Carolina, USC, Florida, Alabama, and of course, U$C. Without further ado, here we go:
1. Alabama beat Florida for the SEC title while in the process dethroning it from the Nation Championship.
2. USC's coach, Steve Spurrier, is Flordia's former coach and Heisman trophy winner.
3. UNC has 13 players investigated, with the main player being good friends with the one being questioned at USC.
4. UNC's Herman Davidson hails from Long Beach Poly, where he was teammates with four current Trojan players.
5. All four of those players were recruited (at least initially) by current Seahawk and former Trojan lier Pete Carroll.
6. Pete Carroll recruited Reggie "Show me the money" Bush and coached him for his three seasons in the Ketchup and Mustard.

There you go, a bit of a stretch, but sometimes you have to put a bit of an effort to implicate and connect all bad things to U$C. But just a bit, not too much effort, there's no need to try that hard to achieve it.


  1. How about one degree?

    Nick Saban and Urban Meyer are both lying, cheating scumbags.

    So is Pete Carroll.

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