Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Mexican 8-Clap

This past week I was on a cruise with five of my dearest of friends to and from Mexico. It was the perfect way to get rid of the anxiety from finals week. It was also a great way to represent our beloved UCLA with a ridiculous amount of 8-claps. We decided that just represnting it in the United States would be "half-assing" so we proceeded to do it in Mexico as well. The video below documents our 8-clap in the Cheeky Monkey bar, which by the way is amazing. Here is the video:

What I found really cool later in the night is that there were Oregon Ducks fans sitting in the same bar but on the floor above us, and upon hearing our "UCLA chant" as they put it, they responded with their own "O" thing they do. It is nice to see friendly competition and pride in one's respective school. On our trip we also encountered Husky, Cougs, Beaver, Golden Bear, and sadly Trojan fans. Ironically it was the U$C people that seemed to have less pride than any other group we talked to. Go figure.

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  1. Not terribly surprised by the U$C Fans. Some buddies and I got together for the UCLA v SUC game at a local watering hole in Santa Monica, and those Trojans that were present were not even watching the game.