Tuesday, February 2, 2010

NCAA Tournament Expansion? No thanks.

The world really does revolve around money doesn't it? As if the current contract that CBS and the NCAA have for the glorious event that is March Madness, they have to come up with new ways to generate more revenue. Sadly, the NCAA is seriously considering adding a bunch more mediocre teams and expanding the filed to 96. This seems completely dumb. If you expand it, why are you giving a bunch of teams, 32, a bye? The first round is going to suck, a lot. If you expand, do it the right way, and expand it to 128, a power of two (shout out to my fellow engineers). But regardless, I am not for it. Especially if the main purpose is for a more lucrative television deal. I mean what is wrong with the current format? Enough teams get a chance to play and those have all given us plenty of upsets and heartbreaks, so why try to create more? Chances are those teams that are added will not be able to do much. Also it eliminates the excitement smaller schools have when finally making it to the tournament. Lastly, the current format provides three glorious weekends that are logically organized and give tons of schools exposure and a chance at the spotlight. And oh by the way, this is coming from a UCLA student who is watching his team slip away from even the slightest chance at making the Big Dance this year.

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